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The neurodiversity-affirming approach that you’ve been looking for!

Introducing an online curriculum tor educators and individual service providers (SLPs, OTs, and mental health) guiding neurodivergent and autistic youth ages 5-10.

Created with collaborations from:

Say farewell to ABA and hello to authentically supporting autistic youth


The SEA Bridges’ neurodiversity-affirming, strength-based approach is everything that you, your clients, and their families have been looking for to finally celebrate authentic ways of being.  


With curriculum topics like authentic social connection, embodied emotions, supportive friends and allies, and self-advocacy, you’ll witness autistic youth become self-assured advocates right before your eyes!

Reclaim your time, reduce your prep-work

Feel confident teaching neurodiversity-affirming outcomes with our ready-made, online workshops that make instruction easy whether you’re teaching in-person or remotely.


Whether you’re supporting autistic youth individually or in groups; meeting several times a week, once a week, or every other week; online or in-person, we’ve got a customizable solution for you!

Cultivate pride in neurodiversity alongside the Insight Sprites

Autistic and neurodivergent traits are never shamed or masked with  the Insight Sprites. Instead, students discover empowerment and belonging as they navigate the different ways the Sprites engage and interact in the world. Neurodivergent and autistic youth will see themselves in the Sprites as they are guided through each workshop, building bridges of understanding along the way!

Build trust, credibility, and recognition

With the SEA Bridge, you get more than just the buzzword of neurodiversity—you get a program that will guide you in supporting the next generation of changemakers. Don’t wait to be on the right side of history, take the plunge and finally support autistic youth in being their authentic selves. You’ll be surprised how easy it is!

What’s included?

Your subscription to the SEA Bridge curriculum comes with a ton of great features. Here’s a just a few:

Access to unlimited use of workshops that span a year of weekly content on an intuitive, easy-to-use online platform

Games, puppet shows, choose-your-own-adventure, and many other fun and engaging activities

Music from award-winning children’s singers Lindsay Munroe and Raffi to singalong with in workshops and at home

Caregiver and family resources to support continued learning from home

Robust resources that allow you to hit the ground running

Regular updates, additions, and much more!

Therapists, parents, and self-advocates all love the SEA Bridge

I have always been striving to provide neurodiversity affirming OT services to the kids I work with, but it’s HARD! When all curriculums are deficit-based and, as a neurotypical therapist, I have been trying to learn as much as I can and adapt my sessions, it has been a huge thing to undertake. This curriculum has been such a game changer for me.

Caitlin, Occupational Therapist

The SEA Bridge groups are going great! The use of the Sprites to teach different concepts is something my clients respond to very well—they naturally make connections to themselves without prompting (e.g., “Hey, that’s just like me!”).

Hillary, Autistic Speech Language Pathologist

My client LOVED the music, both songs! It was so heartwarming for me to play the “Whatever You Choose” song especially and see him listening so intently to such affirming messages. I’m so excited to see how he responds to the rest of the modules!

Emily, Speech Language Pathologist

The Insight Sprites bring clarity to so many aspects of neurodivergence in a very relatable way. The music, characters, and back stories bring life to social and emotional learning.

Anima, Parent

I had never before seen a neurodiversity-affirming curriculum. I was beyond excited and inspired…this was exactly what my kids needed and what the world needs.

Lindsay, Parent

Just watched the video and course outlines. Wonderfully colorful and creative and full of good ideas…I do wish you well for all the effort, love and care that has gone into this!

Judy Singer, Sociologist who coined the term “neurodiversity”

Frequently asked questions

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Is the SEA Bridge right for my student/client/child?

The SEA Bridge is designed for instructors leading autistic and neurodivergent students. As a web-based curriculum, we have accessibility options for many different needs, including text-to-speech, motor skill support, and much more. Still unsure? Just ask us, we’d love to get to know more about your student’s specific needs!

Is the SEA Bridge a school?

No, the SEA Bridge is not a school. It is a online-based, educator-led curriculum tailored for autistic and neurodivergent youth ages 5-10. The SEA Bridge is facilitated by independent teachers, therapists, and other providers. Parents and caregivers who are interested in the SEA Bridge for their child,  send us an email and we can try to help find a SEA Bridge provider near you! 

Do students and/or families have access to the curriculum?

The SEA Bridge subscription is intended to be used and facilitated by educators and clinicians. As a subscriber, you have access to the entire curriculum online including all the provided materials to then facilitate with students either virtually or in-person. We set it up this way to better help meet students’ individual needs. Clinicians and educators using the curriculum can adapt the workshops (i.e. skipping over the music or adding in more discussion questions) based on their students’ needs.

How many students can I use with the SEA Bridge?

As many as you’d like! The SEA Bridge is intended to be used in small group or one-on-one settings and can be used across multiple groups or individual sessions.

What are the curriculum topics?

The 40 workshops are split into two sessions and build on themselves. Each of the following topics are covered across two workshops, where generally the first workshop introduces the concept (i.e. “what is it”) and the second workshop supports students with strategies moving forward (i.e. “what to do”).

Session 1 includes:
  • Being together, being me
  • Recognizing and understanding similarities and difference
  • Building bridges of understanding between two people
  • Getting my needs met
  • Identifying emotions in myself
  • Responding to my emotions
  • Recognizing emotions in others
  • Responding to big feelings in others
  • Handling changes in my environment
  • Knowing my strengths and finding a place in my community

Session 2 includes:
  • Must haves and nice to haves (needs vs wants)
  • Negotiating and setting boundaries
  • Different ways of communicating
  • Balancing communication differences
  • Interoception
  • Feeling different emotions simultaneously
  • Diversity and equity
  • Different ways to care for people
  • Managing burnout and crisis
  • Finding pride in neurodivergence

At what frequency should I use the SEA Bridge curriculum?

With 40 unique lessons, the SEA Bridge is intended to be used once week! However, it can be used as frequently as best fits your schedule.

How have you incorporated autistic and neurodivergent voices into the curriculum?

We are a strong supporter of the disability justice mantra, “Nothing about us, without us.” That is why we have made sure to include feedback, research, and opinions of autistic individuals throughout the creation of the SEA Bridge curriculum. We have received feedback through surveys and focus groups and autistic individuals have been involved in the direct creation of lessons and activities. Are you autistic or neurodivergent and interested in helping shape the future for others in the neurodivergent community? We’d love to hear from you!

Start authentically supporting autistic youth with our SEA Bridge curriculum

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